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12BET  is one of the leading sports book makers in Asia. With recently added 12BET live sports betting, the site is also gaining popularity in many European countries. Find more about it in our review!

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The site is also favorite among many sports fans because of the large variety of sports that are listed; but that’s not all. 12BET has recently activated the section 12BET live sports betting, which many players approved of. Many leagues and tournaments which are often ignored by other book makers are still recognized by the 12BET bookmaker.

An additional aspect (as mentioned above) that has greatly contributed to the success of the site is the offering of live bets in the section 12BET live sports betting. Every year, 12BET offers 12BET live sports betting for about 4,000 matches.

12BET Live sports betting is the placing of wagers on matches which are ongoing. This option allows users to place stakes on games when they have a better idea of which team is going to win and which is going to lose. Other betting options such as over/ under a certain number of goals can also be placed with better information if the players choose to bet on matches that have already kicked off.

The table below provides great information on the 12BET live sports betting.

12BET live sports bettingDetails
12BET live sports betting offerN/A
Unique aspect of 12BETBetting on tennis and NBA basketball matches
Average number of matches with live betting (annually)4,000 matches
Betting on mobileYes
Sports streaming (for some sports)Yes
12BET languages (on site)English, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Polish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Thai

Try 12BET Live Sports Betting!

What Is 12BET Live Sports Betting?

12BET live sports betting has developed to a level that has not been seen in the online gambling industry. In many online forums, customers and players praise the 12BET service mainly for this. It has become apparent that many people have joined the site simply to enjoy the live betting option.

To perfectly compliment this, the site also offers live streaming of matches. This is equally unheard of in the world of online betting, and many people who do not have access to live matches have been attracted to the site for this reason.

The 12BET live streaming service is helpful to those who intend to make live bets. This is because people have a better opportunity to analyze the progress of the matches. If, for example, a top player is given a red card, the gambler can decide to place the wager on the opposite team with the hope that the loss of the top player will lead to a loss by that team.

Live betting is offered for almost all sports available on 12BET (and there are many sports available for you to bet on in this site). However, most commonly, the site offers live betting for soccer and tennis matches. Streaming is also offered for many sports but these two are the most importantly considered by the service.

Another unique aspect of 12BET is the offering of live quarter betting on tennis and NBA basketball matches.

Equally impressive is the half time settle betting option. With this option, players can wager their money twice in each game; first at the start of the game, then at half time.

12BET live sports betting requires swift action, especially since the odds are likely to shift drastically after certain actions in the games. For this reason, you might find it advantageous to download the 12BET smart phone app which can be used on your phone at all time as long as you are connected to the internet.

This will enable you to place bets at opportune moments in the game before the odds shift or get lowered to adjust for the unfolding events in the games. 12BET can be accessed on all WAP enabled phones. Alternatively, you can choose to access the site over your mobile browser.

Why You Should Choose 12BET Sports Book?

First, 12BET has one of the best bonus programs in the industry. In your first deposit, you will be rewarded with a 20 percent bonus. This will greatly boost your leverage and can potentially help you make bigger winnings. The regulations and requirements surrounding this bonus are not at all unfair or unreasonable.

Another important aspect of this site is the fact that it has very high maximum stakes. With a regular account, you can place stakes, and with a confirmed account, you can wager a great amount at a time. To confirm your account, all you need to do is send an email or fax with documentation to the site and you will be good to go.


Licensing and Regulation

The online gambling industry is filled with fraudulent sites and fake organizations. Since you are dealing with your own money, it is important to only work with sites that are regulated and silenced by a government. In this case, 12BET is licensed and regulated by the Philippine government.

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